HTML vs HTML5 Which is better?

html vs html5


What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language and used to build the web pages structure using tags. When developers build any web application, then they must need to know some basic HTML. It’s not a very complex language Html is easy to learn. If you want to learn more about HTML then, read this article learn HTML in 12 minutes and also this one introduction to HTML.
HTML is referred to as the fundamental language of WWW even though after many updates latest one is HTML5.


Difference between HTML and HTML5:

HTML5 is easier and complete than HTML. HTML5 introduced some new tags like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <video>, <main>, <Audio> etc.
It also supports graphics.


HTML vs HTML5 Structure:

This image describes the structure of HTML and HTML5 pages. As you can understand, the HTML5 web page structure is easy than HTML.

html and html5 structure


Key differences between HTML and HTML5:

Multimedia support:

HTML does not support audio and video tags.

HTML5 supports both audio, video, and also graphics.

Browser compatibility:

HTML is compatible with all browsers. It’s a present from a long time ago.

HTML5 has browser compatibility. Because, As we know already HTML5 introduces some new tags. That’s why few tags are not cooperative with all browsers. So only some browsers are fully compatible with HTML5.


Browser interface and JavaScript running in the corresponding thread. Because HTML doesn’t allow JavaScript to run in the background.

But in HTML5 has JavaScript web worker API which allows the browser interface to run in multiple threads. That’s why JavaScript runs in the background.

Doc type:

In HTML doc type is so long 

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN” “”>

In HTML5 doc type is very simple 

<!DOCTYPE html>


HTML uses cookies to store temparory data.

HTML5 use local storage like SQL database and application cache to store offline data.

Vector Graphics:

In Html, Vector Graphics are only possible with the help of these technologies VML, Silverlight, Flash, etc.

In HTML5 Vector Graphics is the part of that, for vector and graphics in Html5 we can use these tags <svg>, <canvas>


In HTML, we can’t draw shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles.

In HTML5, we can draw shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles.


HTML5 vs HTML advantages for web users:

Web surfers can take some advantages from HTML5. Some data store offline on the user’s device, which means the application can work accurately using offline data without an internet connection. Web pages display wider color shades, fonts, and some more effects. A browser can display interactive 3D graphics using the computer’s graphic processer without any extra plugins.


Future of HTML vs HTML5:

The (World Wide Web Consortium) W3C has declared that coming updates to HTML5 will prioritize core “application foundations” such as privacy tools



Finally, it’s an overview of HTML vs HTML5. I hope you guys appreciated this article and learned the difference between the two versions and how HTML5 is better and simple in use. Some developers move towards HTML5 because it gives us more novel features. However, its structure is more modest than HTML. I recommend you HTML5 because HTML5 has more specification than HTML.

See you there 🙂



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