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Introduction to JavaScript DOM

Introduction to DOM - Document Object Model
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What is JavaScript DOM?

Using DOM we can manipulate our website in real-time.
A web browser ( chrome, safari, etc) has a V8 Engine. The V8 Engine basically reads the javaScript When we load HTML CSS files in the browser then the web browser creates a document. JavaScript DOM has different properties. Imagine we want to change something in real-time then we can do using javaScript. These changes will read by a V8 Engine and then display in a web browser.

This is my simple web page just for your understanding you can see it in the console, I write the word “document” and then press enter and it shows like my web page as a document.

That’s the DOM, the web browser created this after loading the files (HTML, CSS) in the browser.

HTML DOM Tree of Objects

In JavaScript using DOM we can change the HTML elements, attributes, style in the page also we can add the new HTML elements and remove the existing elements.

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